Before your Talk To Your Baby party

Holding a Talk To Your Baby party is easy.

All you need to do is invite some friends, read through our suggested party planner and have a few things ready to make a shaker if you would like to.

Why is it so important to spend time talking to your baby?

By the age of two, 70% of a baby’s brain has formed, and by the age of three, it’s 80%.

So the amount of time you spend talking with and listening to your baby in their early years is crucial in giving them the best possible start in life.

Preparing for the party

How many friends should I invite? As many people as you feel comfortable with. We think 3-5 adults with babies is a good number to start with. How long will the party last? The party plan provided should take around an hour to complete but it can be shortened or lengthened to make it work best for you. How old should the babies be? Children of all ages enjoy singing, nursery rhymes, reading and talking but this party pack has been made for children between the ages of birth to three. But older siblings will enjoy the party too and can get involved by making their own shaker.

Here's what to put in an invite

If you want to email an invite to your friends, here is something you could use as a starting point: Please come to my Talk To Your Baby party It's taking place on [date] at [time]. The address is [where you are holding the party] The party will be a fun way of spending time with your child and communicating with them. To find out more visit Words for Life's Talk To Your Baby party pages. Please bring with you an empty plastic milk or drinks bottle with a tight fitting lid, so we can make a shaker, and your child's favourite picture book.

What should I tell my friends?

The party will give you and your friends a great opportunity to get together. It’s also a great opportunity to play, talk and laugh with your child. It’s all about spending more time communicating with your baby. Let your friends know that listening and communicating with your child through speech, books, rhymes and music is really important. That's why you're having this get-together.

What will I need on the day?

  • Print outs of the songs and rhymes tab if you want to follow the words
  • A children's book - any book with big pictures that everyone will be able to see is perfect
  • If you want to make shakers you will need:
      1. Containers with a tight fitting lid
      2. Small plastic milk bottles or drinks bottles are ideal
      3. Uncooked rice or lentils as shaker fillings. Nothing larger that could be a choking hazard
      4. Odd ends of ribbon, coloured paper or silver foil to put inside your shaker to add interest
  • Print outs of these Picture Cards if you would like to use them

Party time!

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