Talk To Your Baby Party Planner

Here is an outline for how your party could run. Adapt it to what suits you and your friends.

We've included some helpful tips on how to structure the day, but we know that whenever children are present you need to stay flexible.

You'll also find information on how to make a shaker and a list of suggested songs and rhymes to share.

And, there is also a great Barefoot Books video which you can put on while you wait for everyone to arrive.

Guests arriving

It may be easiest for your guests and their babies to sit on the floor so that they can join in with the activities. But just make sure everyone is comfortable, wherever they are sitting. Allow plenty of time for your guests to arrive. While you’re waiting for everyone, catch up with your friends, allow for some play time or offer a snack or a drink.

Be really careful with hot drinks when children are present.

Making a shaker

This is a great ice breaker and is a good way to start as everyone will have something to shake while you're singing songs or nursery rhymes. If you don't have the materials required don't worry. You could always raid the kitchen for pots and pans to hit with wooden spoons or tins to drum on. Or maybe you already have some musical toys like a tambourine or maracas in your home?

Party time

Music Time
Sit with your babies on your laps and sing a few songs together. We have suggested some songs on the right hand side, and you can find the words and some mp3s are on the Songs & Rhymes page. You could always put a baby music CD on if you have one to get you started.

Picture cards
If you are using the picture card print outs, hold each one up in turn so all the children can see. Ask them what the picture is, repeat the word several times and have a chat about what you see.

Rhyme time
Now say some rhymes together. Babies love repetition so you can do these rhymes several times.

Story time
Now it's time to bring out your child's favourite picture book. You can read it to your friends and their babies, making sure the children can all see the pictures. Ask your friends what they think about the book and what books they read to their child. If they have brought any books that their child enjoys ask them to share them.

Home time
Maybe you could put a date in the diary for another Talk To Your Baby party? It could be a weekly or monthly get together!

Party outline

Party guests arrive: 25 mins
Making a shaker: 10 mins
Music time: 10 mins
Picture Card time: 5 mins
Rhyme time: 5 mins
Story time: 5 mins

How to make a shaker

If you want to make shakers you will need containers with a tight fitting lid; small plastic milk bottles or drinks bottles are ideal. You will also need uncooked rice or lentils and some ribbon, coloured paper or silver foil. 1. Pour some rice or lentils into your bottle 2. Add some strips of colour paper, ribbon or silver foil to make it look pretty 3. Screw the lid on tight - you’re ready

Suggested songs

1. The Grand Old Duke of York
2. I Hear Thunder
3. Humpty Dumpty
4. Hickory Dickory Dock
5. Old MacDonald
6. Row Row Row your boat

Suggested rhymes:
This Little Piggy
Teddy Bear Rhyme

You can find the words and actions on the Songs and rhymes page

How did your party go? We would love to hear. Please email us your comments to or send us pictures.

Try enjoying this Barefoot Books video at your party

Planning your party

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