Milestones - By two years

Mother tickling sons toes Toddlers are into everything and will be exploring the world around them much more actively.  Their understanding of words and phrases grows really quickly during this time.  Children of this age understand much more than they can say. They can become frustrated when they’re unable to make themselves understood and don’t get their message across. 

Taking part
Your child will enjoy focusing on an activity of their own choice but finds it difficult to be directed by an adult. Using your child’s name at the start of a sentence helps them attend to what you’re saying.

Check it out Watch how your child is playing and how they react to others.
  • Does your child enjoy simple pretend games, for example with cars and trains, shopping and cooking?
  • Is your child starting to pretend to go shopping or make a cup of tea?

Understanding of language
Your child will understand between 200 and 500 words. Your child will answer questions about familiar things or experiences appropriately.  He will understand simple instructions, e.g., “Get daddy’s coat”.

Give your child choice so that she will have a chance to talk e.g., “Milk or juice”.

Check it out
  • Does your child understand simple questions, e.g., “Where’s baby?”, “Go and get your coat”, “Mummy’s turn”
  • If you are looking at picture books, can your child point out familiar objects when you say “Where’s the dog?” or “What’s the boy doing?”
  • Can they play a simple game, for example if you place some toys on the floor with a big box to throw them all into.

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