Milestones: By the age of seven

Say it loud and proud
When your seven-year-old speaks they are easy to understand most of the time. Sometimes they will make mistakes with longer words. They know lots of sounds and words which are important for reading and spelling. They will be joining sounds together to read words they don’t know yet.

Your child will enjoy finding rhymes, for example happy/snappy and can count the syllables in long words, for example Cat-er-pill-ar.

Seven year olds love asking questions to find things out and will use ‘how’ and ‘why’ a lot! For example “How do we know the burglar can’t get in?”, “Why is the sky blue?”

They will be trying out new words, like descriptive words, for example ”He saw a huge, hairy dog coming at him.”

They will also be able to use more grown up language to explain events, for example “It was scary because the man with the dog looked worried, so we ran away.”

Check it out

Play "connecting" with your child – make a list of connecting words, for example now, next, because, etc. and challenge your child to use each one in a longer sentence, for example “The children ran away because the bear was chasing them.”

Tell me a story
Your seven year old will love telling you stories about things they are doing. They can give you more detail about what happened. Your child’s stories will be getting better as they can tell you a basic story plot, use words that make it interesting and get it in the right order most of the time.

Your child will know what you already know and will check they’ve got it right while telling you a story, for example “You know Mr Jones, he’s our teacher, well he wasn’t in school today…”

They will be able to say what they think will happen next in a story, for example “I think the hungry fox is going to try and eat the chicken but he won’t be able to catch him.”

Check it out Tell a story with your child. You each say a sentence in turn to keep the story going. Can they remember the events and keep the plot going?

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