Milestones - By nine years

Chatting and mixing
Your 9 year old knows when to talk and when to listen. They can change what they say to fit the situation, sometimes giving less detail sometimes more. They know some situations when they need to use formal language, e.g. showing a visitor around the school.

Your child can keep conversations going with different people by asking questions and making comments. With their friends they are now using different types of chat which help them get along well and have good friendships, e.g. “I like your scarf” (compliments), “Don’t be rude to Taryn” (criticising), “I don’t like playing that game”, (clarifying), “Why don’t we play with Anna today?” (negotiating).

Check it out
  • Look – Is your child happy in a group of friends and able to mix and play with them well?
  • Listen – Does your child talk in the right way to different people or do they sometimes seem rude?

Any concerns?
Remember all children are different and they develop at different rates. Chances are your 9 year old can do some of these things. This is normal. If you are at all concerned about your child’s speaking and listening, reading, or writing development you should first talk to their teacher or head teacher. There are a number of reasons why your child may not be keeping up with the other children in their year and it is important you discuss this with their teacher. They may be able to provide you with some simple ways you can support your child or direct you on to more in depth help, if that is what is required.

If you still feel your child needs more support which they are not getting here are some organisations which may be able to help:

Talking Point - 0845 225 4071
Afasic - 0845 355 5577
SOS!SEN: Special Educational Needs - 020 8538 3731

IPSEA: Independent Parental Special Education Advice - 0800 018 4016

Contact a Family - 0808 808 3555

I CAN - 020 7843 2544

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