Milestones - By nine years

Say it loud and proud
Your 9 year old speaks clearly and fluently about past, present and future events. They don’t often make mistakes when reading or speaking unusual word endings, e.g. brought, fish, peace.


Your child will be using their voice to explain their meaning, e.g. “Helpful?” she cried, “you must be joking!”

They will be using longer, more complicated sentences to plan and explain their thoughts, e.g. “We decided Jenny will run first because she’s fast and will give us a good start, me and Jack will go in the middle and Waleed will go last because he is really sporty.”

Check it out

Planning – ask your child to help you to plan a party or an event and talk to you about what needs to be done, e.g. a brother/sister’s birthday party.

Tell me a story
Your 9 year old is able to tell good, exciting stories that have a clear beginning, an interesting middle and an ending. They are using their voices to make their stories come to life and changing the information they give depending on who they are talking to.

Your child can relate what they tell to the interests of the listener, e.g. “Guess who I saw yesterday…”

Check it out Telling stories – get your child to make up stories to tell you and other people in the family, especially younger brothers or sisters.

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