Milestones - By eleven years

Say it loud and proud
Your 11 year old speaks clearly and fluently and uses long and complex sentences. They use joining words to make their language flow, e.g. meanwhile, therefore, yet. They also use different kinds of questions to help conversations move on.

Your child can tell you about some grammar rules and they can see and hear when a sentence is not correct, e.g. “We was (are) going to the park today”.

Check it out

Grammar rules – ask your child to tell you basic grammar rules and give examples. If they have younger siblings encourage them to find a simple way to explain sentences to them too.

Tell me a story
Story telling is important to your 11 year old for their school work and for their friendships. Your child can tell you long and entertaining stories full of detail and description. They can put sub-plots into their stories and then return to the main story line.

Your 11 year old can talk in detail about things that have happened some time ago or are planned for the future.

Check it out Play story detectives – ask your child to tell you about the books they are reading or the TV programmes they are watching. Can they say what will happen in the next chapter/episode and can they say why they know this?

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