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You could win some brilliant books about inspirational people and careers, thanks to our publishing friends at Barrington Stoke, Abrams and Chronicle, Quarto and Bloomsbury.

Anna Liza and the Happy Practice

By Eoin Colfer
Anna Liza likes to help cheer up her mother's psychiatric patients with knock-knock jokes and cheerful songs, but when she meets Edward, she hits a brick wall. Edward's dad is so sad since his mum left and he says his life isn't going anywhere anymore. Anna Liza has a plan to get him on the move again, if only she can evade her mother's attention long enough.

You could win one of five copies, thanks to our friends at Barrington Stoke.

Barrington Stoke

Shona, Word Detective

By John Agard
Shona has always loved words. She even has her very own strange word thesaurus! When her class learn that some languages are dying out, Miss Bates tasks them with becoming top-class word detectives, proving to themselves and their families that there are many beautiful languages still thriving, even within their own classroom.

There are five copies of this book to be won, courtesy of Barrington Stoke.

Barrington Stoke

Rose’s Dress of Dreams

By Katherine Woodfine
Young Rose dreams of sewing beautiful dresses for the women of Paris. But when a chance encounter with royalty changes her life, Rose must draw on all her skills to create the most breath-taking dress of them all.

We have five copies of this book to be won, thanks to Barrington Stoke.

Barrington Stoke

Busy People: Librarian

Rita the librarian has to organise the library's birthday party, as well as finding the perfect story for each child to enjoy. This book gives information on the type of equipment a librarian needs as well as the characters that work alongside them.

Win one of five copies of this book, thanks to our friends at QED.

QED Publishing

What do Grown-ups do All Day?

By Virginie Morgand
Just what do grown-ups do all day? This detailed picture book explains what fifteen different jobs entail, from working on the farm to teaching in a school and helping patients in hospital.

You could win one of five copies, thanks to Wide Eyed Books.

Wide Eyed

Work it Girl: JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey book bundle

By Caroline Moss
Discover how Oprah became a billionaire CEO and media mogul and be inspired by JK Rowling’s journey in these true-life storybooks. Each book has 10 key lessons you can apply to your own life.

Two lucky winners could win a pair of both of these titles, courtesy of Quarto.

Quarto Kids

Step Into Your Power

By Jamia Wilson
You’ve heard about heroes and read about the greats, but how do you actually get there yourself? This book shows you how to make your big dreams a big reality, mentors you through growing up in the modern world, and teaches you how to step into your power.

You could win one of two copies, thanks to Wide Eyed Books.

Wide Eyed

Little People, BIG DREAMS: David Bowie and Mahatma Gandhi book bundle

By Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Little People, BIG DREAMS is a series of books that explore the lives of outstanding people in an easy-to-understand way. These two brilliant additions to the series cover two inspiring figures – David Bowie and Mahatma Gandhi.

One lucky winner will win a copy of each of these titles, courtesy of Quarto.

Quarto Kids

Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders

By Kate Pankhurst
What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a big question that everyone is asked from an early age. Discover eye-opening facts about a collection of go-getting women who have pioneered careers in a kaleidoscope of different industries.

We have five copies of this book up for grabs thanks to our friends at Bloomsbury.

Bloomsbury Children’s Books

At the Firehouse

By Brian Biggs
Join Dexter and Firefighter Charlie on a guided tour of the Tinyville Town firehouse. See where the firefighters store their gear, where they eat and rest, and find out what happens when the alarm rings!

You can win one of five copies, courtesy of Abrams and Chronicle.

Abrams & Chronicle Books

Lighter than Air: Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot

By Matthew Clark Smith
In eighteenth-century France, “balloonomania” has fiercely gripped the nation… But all of the pioneering aeronauts are men. The job of shattering that myth falls to a most unlikely figure: a shy girl from a seaside village, entirely devoted to her dream of flight. Sophie is not the first woman to ascend in a balloon, nor the first woman to accompany an aeronaut on a trip, but the first woman to climb to the clouds and steer her own course.

There are five copies of this book to be won, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books

Three Cheers for Inventors

By Marcia Williams

Packed with cartoon-strip illustrations and short biographies, this book looks at the discoveries of many famous – and not so famous – inventors from around the world, including Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.

We have five copies of this book of this book for you to win, courtesy of Walker Books.

Walker Books

Nights with Dad

By Karen Jesse

When the sun sets, Dad’s night shift as a school caretaker is just beginning. Playing basketball in the half-lit sports hall, sweeping the stage with the match on the radio, reading out loud to his father in the library all help the boy’s time pass quickly. But what makes the night really special? Just being with Dad.

There are five copies of this book to be won, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books


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