Top 10 Olympic books

Baby to 3

Spot Loves Sports Spot Loves Sports
Eric Hill

Spot and his dad go to the park to play lots of different games with Spot’s friends. After a long day, the exhausted friends all take a break for a well-deserved drink. An action-filled story to inspire young children to get up and move!

Ready, Steady, Go, Mr Cro Ready, Steady, Go, Mr Croc
Jo Lodge

Mr Croc and friends are ready for their own Olympics. But will Mr Croc ever win his own gold medal? Each spread features a different sport with inventive pop ups as all the friends have fun with tennis, running, cycling, swimming - and canoeing.

Age 3 to 5

The Champion Hare The Champion Hare
Gwen Christie and Paul Wrangles

This colourful picture book is a perfect way for young children to learn about some of the Olympic sports. The story shows that competing can be fun, even when you don't win, and that perseverance sometimes pays off!

Topsy and Tim Go for Gold Topsy and Tim Go for Gold
Jean Adamson and Belinda Worsley

Topsy and Tim find fun and adventure in the real world. Their engaging stories are reassuring for young children having first experiences of their own. In Topsy and Tim Go for Gold, the twins take part in their school sport's day. They take part in all sorts of races, and try to prove who is the fastest!

Age 5 to 7

How the Olympics Came To Be How the Olympics Came To Be
Helen East and Mehrdokht Amini

If you want to know about the ancient Olympic games, ask someone who was there! Who better to ask than Tethys, the grandmother of all the Greek gods. These tales reveal the mythical rivalries and adventures of both gods and mortals that inspired the very first Olympic competitions.

Horrid Henry’s Sports Day Horrid Henry’s Sports Day
Francesca Simon

Sports day and Horrid Henry are a deadly combination! Henry hates sports day because he always loses and Perfect Pete always wins, but this year, Henry is determined that things will be different!

Winnie Goes for Gold Winnie Goes for Gold
Laura Owen, Korky Paul

Four crazily funny stories featuring everyone's favourite witch, who is not one to miss out on the excitement of the Olympics. In the true spirit of the Games, she's determined to celebrate and compete in every way possible – especially if that involved magic…

Age 7 to 11

Olympic Poems - 100% Unofficial! Olympic Poems - 100% Unofficial!
Brian Moses and Roger Stevens

A brilliant, funny, inspiring collection of poems about sport and sporting events of every kind from PE lessons to sports day to the final of the men’s 100m race.

Danny Baker’s Silly Olympics Danny Baker’s Silly Olympics

Cheer Danny and his friends on as they bravely attempt to break the World Record for Jelly Belly Flopping, Custard Pie Flinging and Picking Up Baked Beans While Wearing Boxing Gloves! The competition is tough, but Danny is determined to hop, skip and boing his way to a gold medal!

The Story of the Olympics The Story of the Olympics
Richard Brassey

Records and reputations, cheats and champs, victors and venues - here's the lowdown on the modern Olympic games. Witty, entertaining and perfect for keeping friends and family informed.

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