Top 10 Football books

Top 10 football books

Baby to 3

Noisy Football Match Noisy Football Match
Sam Taplin

It’s the day of the big cup final – and it’s a very noisy match! This noisy book from Usborne will delight young children who won’t be able to resist pressing the buttons to make all the football sounds in this book.

Football Fever Football Fever
Alan Durant

William has caught football fever. His symptoms are so severe that his sister’s afraid there’s no cure. He eats, talks and dreams football, and he’s driving his sister crazy! Then one day William's dream comes true and Dad takes him to a football club for the first time.

Age 3 to 5

Pass It, Polly Pass It, Polly
Sarah Garland

Who says only boys can like football? 'Pass It, Polly' is a picture book perfect for girls. Polly and Nisha are the only girls who want to play in the school football match. Charming text and illustrations combine in this picture book classic, perfect for girls who like football!

Wonder Goal! Wonder Goal!
Michael Foreman

A fun picture book about scoring the perfect goal. The time shift halfway through, in which the boy footballer is transported into the future to the final of the World Cup, capturing the excitement of football for young children.

Age 5 to 7

Fantastic Football Poems Fantastic Football Poems
compiled by John Foster and illustrated by Korky Paul

Here is a collection of fabulously funny poems with poems by a range of authors about all kinds of football matches - including meteorite footballs, football on the moon, a witches versus wizards football match, the goalie with expanding hands, and the Stone Age man who invented football.

The Boy with the Lightning Feet The Boy with the Lightning Feet
Sally Gardner

Timmy Twinkle is chubby. That means he gets bullied at school and hasn't any friends. He longs to play football, but he's hopeless at games. He's miserable, but then Timmy discovers there's magic in his toes. And when Timmy performs on the football field, everyone wants to be friends with him. A lovely story of a child whose unhappiness is dispelled by the discovery of a magical gift.

The Story of Football The Story of Football
by Rob Lloyd Jones, illustrated by Paddy Mounter

A lively and engaging history of the beautiful game. Tells the story of football, from its beginnings in the Roman Army to the modern day premiership including how both American Football and Rugby were born.

Age 7 to 11

Exposure Exposure
Mal Peet

Revered as a national hero … married to the desirable Desmerelda … cherished by the media … soccer star, Otello, has it all. But a sensational club transfer sparks a media frenzy, and when he is wrongly implicated in a scandal, the footballer’s life turns into a tragic spiral of destruction. South America’s top sports journalist, Paul Faustino, returns in the third in this series, witnesses the power of the media in making and breaking people's lives.

TJ and the Cup Run TJ and the Cup Run
Theo Walcott

TJ and his friends get a terrible shock when their old teacher, Mr Potter, returns from illness to take over from Mr Wood as PE teacher at Parkview School. Worse still, they are about to play in the semi-final of the Cup.Will Mr Potter's bad tactics lose them the match?

Foul Play: Own Goal Foul Play: Own Goal
Tom Palmer

The latest in this hugely popular football and crime action series for readers of 9+. Danny Harte loves supporting his local team, City FC. So when everyone starts supporting the Italian team Forza FC, Danny is angry. His club is in jeopardy and needs their support. Danny decides to investigate the sudden popularity of the new team… Can Danny uncover the sinister reasons behind Forza’s success – and save City at the same time?

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