Sue Hendra

What books did you read when you were a child?
Roger Hargreaves Mr Men books! I still love them! They were a great introduction to creating simple, believable characters. There is a lot of visual humour in them that I enjoy.

If you could be a storybook character who would you be?
Treehorn did love to send away for things from the back of cereal packets like I did. He is also a very resilient character, I like that about him. So, Treehorn in The Shrinking Of Treehorn by Florence Parry Heide.

What is the best thing about reading?
Reading takes me to worlds that are not my own. You can live different lives within your own when you escape into a book.

What is your all time favourite book?
My favourite book of all time is a giant compilation of Roald Dahl stories that he wrote for grown ups. There are a lot of short stories in there, most of them are rather dark and make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Other than reading books what is the most important thing a parent can do to help develop their children’s communication skills?
Talking with your child and being interested in what they have to say. In our house we have a rule that we don’t interrupt each other. Everybody gets to have their say when it’s their turn.

How big a part did your parents play in encouraging your writing skills?
I don’t think my parents played an active part in encouraging my writing skills, I don’t think they needed to. I always loved making my own books when I was a child, They had covers and blurbs on the back, I even drew barcodes on them. It would keep me busy for hours.

How do you encourage your children or grandchildren to read, what books do you enjoy reading with them?
I look for books that my daughter will find exciting. If she’s immersed in the story she will just HAVE to know what happens next! this will give her lots of reading practice. I think the best learning you can do is when you are having fun and you don’t even notice that you’re doing it.

Sue Hendra writes and illustrates with Paul Linnet. Their book Supertato: Hap-pea Ever After is one of this year’s World Book Day £1 books.

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