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Peepo! Bunny

E Butler

This simple yet effective board book features bright illustrations and die-cut holes so children can say 'Peepo!' to all the animals, and finally to themselves in the mirror on the last page.

ISBN: 9780230743762


Age: Baby to 3

Teddy or Train?

A Lewis

Teddy or Train? Which do you prefer? Each of the babies in this book can either be smiling or sad. Children can rotate the heads to decide which in this innovative board book.

ISBN: 9781846432415


Age: Baby to 3

Wally Whale

P Adams

A novelty bath book that tells a simple story and also squirts water! Best read in the bath, but being wipe-clean also good at mealtimes, showing babies that reading is fun everywhere!


Age: Baby to 3

Yojojo’s Happy Happy Book

Egmont Books

This sturdy board book is great for little hands and children will love to press the button to hear the song. A must for fans of the Waybuloo TV series, in this story Yojojo wants to give his friends a gift.

ISBN: 9781405251631


Age: Baby to 3


C Bell

A sweet and funny take on the problem of being yourself and finding new friends. Jerry Bee has always had trouble making friends - people are scared until one day he picks up a wig!

ISBN: 9781406319323


Age: Baby to 3

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