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The Great Hamster Massacre

K Davies

This humourous but gory illustrated murder mystery featuring two girl sleuths is a Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize-winner, and is highly recommended for 7-10 year old Dahl fans (but not for particularly sensitive readers!)

ISBN: 9781847385956


Age: 7 to 11

The Number 7 Shirt

Gibbons, A

Jimmy dreams of becoming a professional footballer and wearing the number 7 shirt like his heroes. Designed for dyslexic or less confident readers, this includes facts about top players.

ISBN: 9781781121337


Age: 7 to 11

Thirteen Unpredictable Tales

Jennings, P

A collection of thrilling short stories with a twist in the tale – you’ll never guess how each story ends! A great book for reluctant or less confident readers.

ISBN: 9780140377903


Age: 7 to 11

Top Trumps: Extreme Wheels

Saunders, M

Car fans will love this photographic, statistic-packed guide to another 45 of the world's most exciting cars. One of a series of books recommended for less keen readers, including Football Stars and Sharks.

ISBN: 9781844254606


Age: 7 to 11

Ugenia Lavender

Halliwell, G

Written by an ex-Spice Girl, the Ugenia Lavender series feature a lively 10 year old girl. The format includes short stories, news, top tips and puzzle pages.

ISBN: 9780230701434


Age: 7 to 11

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