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I’m 8 and I’ve Laughed …

M Symons

Packed with amazing facts and terrific trivia about things that children have done when they are eight, from writing novels and symphonies to climbing mountains and recording hit pop-songs!

ISBN: 9780330517683


Age: 7 to 11


Peet, M

Paul Faustino, South America's top football journalist, relates the incredible story of the mysterious “El Gato”, the best goalkeeper in the world.

ISBN: 9781406303933


Age: 7 to 11

Mortal Engines

Reeve, P

Less keen readers should enjoy this highly original page-turner featuring the adventures of two refreshingly different heroes.

ISBN: 9781407110912


Age: 7 to 11


Higson, C

Silverfin, by writer and comedian Charlie Higson’s, introduces readers to the teenage James Bond in a gripping page turner full of adventure and excitement.

ISBN: 9780141318592


Age: 7 to 11

Skulduggery Pleasant

Landy, D

A word-of-mouth bestseller, this modern horror story begins when Stephanie inherits her famous writer uncle’s estate. She soon discovers his inspiration…

ISBN: 9780007241620


Age: 7 to 11

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