Poetry book list

Fun poetry books for your little budding poet to enjoy.

Baby to 3

I See The Moon I See The Moon
By Rosalind Beardshaw

A beautifully-illustrated collection of favourite night-time rhymes for little ones at bedtime. Rosalind Beardshaw's artwork features wonderful natural scenes, with adorable sleepy animals and babies ready to be lulled to sleep.

My Village: Rhymes from Around the World My Village: Rhymes from Around the World
Compiled by Danielle Wright and illustrated by Mique Moriuchi

From Iran to Iceland, Samoa to Switzerland, readers can enjoy touching and funny verses from 22 different countries. Paired with Mique Moriuchi's brightly coloured illustrations of children from around the world, this book is a great introduction to different cultures through poetry.

A Great Big Cuddle A Great Big Cuddle
By Michael Rosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell

A child's world with all its details - toys and games, animals and made-up creatures, likes and dislikes - is brilliantly captured by Rosen's playful rhymes and tongue twisters. Riddell's bold and beautiful illustrations help to bring this world to life.

Age 3 to 5

We're All Works of Art We're All Works of Art
By Mark Sperring and illustrated by Rose Blake

Celebrate difference and diversity with this wonderful book that tells children that it's OK to be different. Told from the viewpoint of works of art, the book uses different styles to show that there is no single masterpiece in a gallery and that we're all works of art in our own special way.

A First Book of Animals A First Book of Animals
By Nicola Davies and illustrated by Petr Horacek

From blue whales to bumblebee bats and everything in between, this book will take your child all over the planet to learn about all kinds of different creatures. The easy-to-read poetry is full of information and brought to life by the vibrant and detailed animals illustrated by Petr Horacek.

Green Eggs and Ham Green Eggs and Ham
By Dr. Seuss

An enduring classic for a reason! Follow Sam-I-am as he insists that this strange treat is a delicious snack to be eaten everywhere and in every way.

Age 5 to 7

Under the Moon and Over the Sea Under the Moon and Over the Sea
By various poets, edited by Grace Nichol and John Agard

The sights, sounds, tastes and tales of the Caribbean come alive in this wonderful collection of poetry for younger children. Divided into five sections, each is colourfully illustrated by a different artist with scenes of the Caribbean.

How to be a Tiger How to be a Tiger
By George Szirtes and illustrated by Tim Archbold

Leap with hares, run with the wind, pull silly faces with monkeys, watch out for the bear in the bathroom and meet a burping princess! This light-hearted and entertaining collection of poetry features all types of animals and their fantastic adventures. Perfect for curious young minds and ideal for sharing and reading out loud.

Revolting Rhymes Revolting Rhymes
By Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake

Fairytales as you've never seen them before! Six of the best-loved tales are retold with surprising and sometimes disgusting twists. Wicked beasts, brazen crooks and a ghastly giant star in these hilarious rhymes.

Age 7 to 11

My Mum's Growing Down My Mum's Growing Down
By Laura Dockrill and illustrated by David Tazzyman

These hilarious poems from the perspective of a little boy feature tales of his creative, warm and often embarrassing mum. Filled with their antics and adventures, Dockrill's poetry shows just how funny, rude and naughty mums can be.

Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson Poetry for Kids: Emily Dickinson
By Emily Dickinson, edited by Susan Snively and illustrated by Christine Davenier

Discover the famous works of poet Emily Dickinson. This carefully selected collection showcases her thoughts on nature, animals, and different stages of life with each poem beautifully illustrated by Christine Davenier.

How To Write Poems How To Write Poems
By Joseph Coelho and illustrated by Matt Robertson

Jam-packed with poetic inspiration, amazing activities and tips on getting started, this book will make every reader a brilliant poet; whether they already write, or want ideas to get them going. Read Joseph's tips on writing your own poems too!

I Don't Like Poetry I Don't Like Poetry
By Joshua Seigal

With poems on every topic from the power of books to the joys of fried chicken, this collection is a fabulous mix of Joshua Seigal's subversive humour and insight into the world of children. Children will definitely love poetry after reading this!

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