Places to go

The outdoors is a great place to encourage your child's creativity and speaking and listening skills. We’ve put a list together of some great places you can take your child, along with some suggested activities to help boost their literacy while you’re there. What’s more, lots of them are free to visit!

  • Park – your local park can provide some great inspiration for practicing drawing, writing and reading. Take a notebook along with you and ask your child to draw pictures of some of the wildlife and plants you see. When you get home, you can look them up online, or rent books from your local library to find out more about what you’ve discovered. You could also print our guide for spotting animal prints and see what your child can find.
  • Farm or zoo – Ask your child lots of questions about what animals you see as you walk around a farm or zoo. Having a conversation with your child where they’re encouraged to ask any questions they may have is a great way to improve confidence and speaking skills.
  • Garden – you don’t always have to leave your home to have fun outdoors! If you have a garden, there are lots of ways you can use it. You could hold a treasure hunt using Andy Seed’s guide or have a picnic in the garden, asking your child to write you the shopping list for all the food you need. You could even ask your child to help with growing vegetables or plants, keeping a diary to note down how they are growing.
  • Museum – taking a trip to the museum can provide your child with lots of inspiration for their reading and writing. When you get home, you could ask them to write a story about their favourite object from the museum and the history behind it. If there’s something that particularly interests them, you can look for books on that topic at your local library to develop their interest.
  • Art gallery – although art galleries might not always seem like the most child-friendly of places, most welcome children and lots will have guides or worksheets for children to fill in as you go round. After your visit, provide your child with some art supplies and ask them to create their own version of an artwork you saw there.

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