Milestones - By eighteen months

Baby pointing in mans arms This is a very exciting time – most babies will be starting to talk now.  They may not be clear but they are having a good try at saying a handful of words.

Taking part
Your child will enjoy choosing toys or books that interest her, so play and talk about these together. Use lots of repetition so that your child hears the same word repeated in different sentences e.g. “Where’s the cat?” “It’s a black cat.” “The cat’s on the wall.” He will enjoy songs and action rhymes. She will be starting to use real life things when playing, e.g. making tea.

Check it out Talk while playing simple games with your baby, like “peek-a-boo” or building a tower with bricks
  • Do they enjoy your company?
  • Do they like playing and exploring?
  • Do they join in with building and knocking them over?
Check it out

Give your baby a pretend phone

  • Do they pretend to talk?

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