Letter to Santa

Letter writers are better writers! Encouraging your child to write a Christmas list to send to Santa Claus is a great way to practice writing skills over the Christmas holidays. Here are our steps for writing the perfect letter to Santa - why not print these out for your child to follow?

  1. Download and print our letter to Santa Claus template

  2. Put on some festive Christmas music

  3. Find your best pens and pencils

  4. Fill in your name at the top

  5. Write your address in the top right corner

  6. In the first sentence, introduce yourself to Santa by letting him know your name and age and ask him how he is

  7. List all the books and toys you would like to receive on Christmas Day, and sign your name at the bottom.

  8. Decorate your letter with pictures. You could draw his reindeers, a stocking, or the presents you’re hoping to receive

  9. Put your letter in an envelope and give your letter to a parent or adult. They will know Santa’s address and how to get it to him in time for Christmas Eve!

Tip: If you send your letter before 8 December, Santa Claus will write back! Find out Santa’s address and more information.

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