Top 10 books about eggs

As it’s Easter our top 10 books are all egg-related – and all are cracking reads!

Baby to 3

Egg Egg
Alex T Smith

Egg rolls up to the house of the wicked Foxy DuBois. Foxy invites Egg in, but she's got a glint in her eye, and has devilish plans for what she's going to do to the little egg. The clues are there: recipe books, and pictures of fried eggs adorning her walls. Be careful, Egg!

Kipper and the Egg Kipper and the Egg
Mick Inkpen

Kipper has found an egg. Whose could it be? A lovely touch and feel book for the very young.

Age 3 to 5

The Odd Egg The Odd Egg
Emily Gravatt

Duck is delighted to find an egg of his own to look after. It's the most beautiful egg in the whole world! But all the other birds think it's very odd indeed – and everyone's in for a BIG surprise when it finally hatches.

Green Eggs and Ham Green Eggs and Ham
Dr Seuss

Dr. Seuss's wacky rhymes and whimsical illustrations are really entertaining as Sam-I-am tries to persuade a sceptic that green eggs and ham are a delicacy to be savoured.

Egg Drop Egg Drop
Mini Grey

The surreal story of the egg that wanted to fly. A funny and engaging book that you will enjoy just as much as your children!

Age 5 to 7

50 Easter Things to Make and Do 50 Easter Things to Make and Do
Kate Knighton

Brimming with eggs galore and colourful Easter-themed activities that you can do together, this Usborne book is guaranteed to make children hop with excitement!

The Egg The Egg [Paperback]
M. P. Robertson

George knows something isn't right when he finds more than he bargained for under his mother's favourite chicken, and he soon finds himself looking after a baby dragon. George takes his job as a parent seriously, teaching the hatchling all sorts of 'dragony' ways, but the dragon begins to pine for his own kind, and one day he disappears.

Age 7 to 11

The Chrestomanci Series - The Pinhoe Egg The Chrestomanci Series - The Pinhoe Egg
Diana Wynne Jones

Spells always have consequences and it's Chrestomanci's job to make sure everything is safely under control. Even so, in the village around Chrestomanci Castle, all sorts of secret magical misuse is going on. And when Cat Chant finds the Pinhoe egg, chaos is just the beginning!

Eggs Eggs
Jerry Spinelli

Nine-year-old David is sad and angry - his mother has recently died and now he has to live with his grandmother. Then David meets thirteen-year-old Primrose, who has no dad, and a neglectful and eccentric mother. Together these two children help each other to find what is missing in their lives...

Naked Eggs & Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments That Make Science Fun Naked Eggs & Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments That Make Science Fun
Steve Spangler

Author, celebrity teacher and science guy Steve Spangler teaches you how to transform the ordinary into the amazing as you make everyday items ooze, bubble, fizz, pop. From Flying Toilet Paper to Bin Smoke Rings, Erupting Soda to Exploding Sandwich Bags, the experiments in this book will spark imaginations and totally impress your friends.

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