Easter family time

This Easter, we have lots of ideas that will keep you and your children occupied over the holidays. Here are just a few ideas, but maybe some of the books from our booklist might inspire some new ones?

An Easter egg hunt
An Easter egg treasure hunt is an exciting way for your children to enjoy their Easter eggs. You could hide Easter eggs or similar treats throughout your home or garden. Write clues for children to solve in order to find them! You could create a trail of several clues or puzzles for them to solve before they reach their eggs. Older children could hide eggs and write the clues out themselves for their friends, siblings, or parents, whereas younger children can get involved through the use of more simple, spoken or picture clues.

A spring walk
Spring is a time when flowers and wildlife start to emerge from their winter slumber. Encourage your children to spot spring activity on their way to school, in your local park or in the garden. Fun activities include trying to identify different types of flowers they can see, or counting how many squirrels or birds they can spot. Once back at home, they can draw or paint their favourite scene from the day.

Storytelling is a great way to bring the family together, or to relax during the holidays. If your child has a new favourite book, encourage them to tell their siblings and family members what it is all about. Or encourage older children to tell younger children their favourite stories too. The most enthusiastic storytellers can act them out!

Thank you letter for Easter gifts
Should your child receive chocolate or similar presents at Easter time, encourage them to write thank you letters. These could be traditional lettersor emails. Older children can write more advanced thank you notes, but even the youngest can join in by just signing their names or making a handprint to send to whoever was kind enough to buy them presents.

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