Autumnal activities

Leaf naming and decorating
Every autumn the leaves change colour and fall from the trees. Kicking through the fallen leaves in the park is great fun. You could collect some along the way and help your child look them up in a dictionary to identify them, stick them into a scrapbook and label them. More simply you can get your child to draw around the leaves or scribble over them with a crayon to make colourful leaf prints on white paper.

Twig frame for a favourite quote
Make a picture frame by collecting fallen twigs and binding them into a rectangle with string. Your child could frame a leaf print as above, or could use the frame to show off a quote they have written from their favourite book. Help them to choose a quote, discuss why they like it and then get them to write it out beautifully before framing and displaying it. Maybe you could change the quote on a regular basis.

Create your own story
For thousands of years there were no books and, even if there were, most people couldn’t read. Instead they gathered to listen to storytellers for entertainment. It’s still a popular way to spend an evening now – think of ghost stories around a campfire or listening to a stand-up comedian talk about their life – so why not have a go at making up your own story? If your child can talk, involve them in it too. This is a fun way of passing the time when travelling and on rainy days and is more interactive than solitary reading. If your child gets really involved, you could always write your story down together and illustrate it with pictures or photos.

Baking autumn recipes
Autumn is a great time for baking with seasonal fruits – you could make an apple or pumpkin pie! Grab a recipe book and an apron and let your child pick their favourite recipe. You can help them list and pick the ingredients, follow the recipe instructions, and help them handle the baking requirements. Your little chef will feel accomplished when their dessert shows up just in time for the whole family to enjoy after dinner!

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