Diwali sweets recipe

Help your child indulge in the Hindu festival of Diwali with this really easy recipe.

You will need:

210ml condensed milk
500g dates, dried
125g almonds, ground
50g desiccated coconut


Adult: Roughly chop the dates and put them into a heavy, non-stick pan

Child: Pour the milk and ground almonds into the pan

Adult: Turn on a low heat

Child: Stir continuously – but be careful of the hot pan! Make sure the mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom

Adult: Take the pan off the heat

Child: Continue to stir the mixture gently until it forms a soft lump. Be patient as this might take a little while

Child: Once the mixture is cool, take a spoonful and roll into a ball

Child: Roll the ball into the desiccated coconut and put in a sweet case

Both: Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all the mixture is gone

Adult: Chill in the fridge until the sweets are dry

Both: Enjoy your tasty treats!

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