Andy Briggs

Andy Briggs is a screenwriter and author of the HERO.COM and VILLAIN.NET series. His latest series is the official re-launch of the classic TARZAN character.

Q: If you could be a storybook character, who would you be?
A: It would have to be my lifelong hero: Tarzan. Swinging through the tropical jungles of Africa, having adventures with wild animals and battling savage poachers - what great fun!

Q: If you could invite any author to tea, who would it be and why?
A: I would invite the author Gordon Boshell to tea. He wrote a wonderful series of books I adored when I was younger: the Captain Cobwebb series. They showcase his wonderfully quirky imagination and it would be a delight to discover the thought process behind them. Sadly the books are unavailable now. Perhaps they’re on some dark library shelf somewhere...

Q: What is the best thing about reading?
A: Reading is free - yet triggers your imagination. Pages have no boundaries as they take you on adventures you could never do by yourself, meeting uniquely wonderful characters along the way.

Q: And finally…tell us about your Monster Read: what book would you most like to share with the world?
A: When choosing my Monster Read I drifted between the classics I grew up with, that never failed to entertain me - through to books that had a definite influence on my career. However, after careful consideration I decided to select more contemporary series - books that not only made me laugh out loud, but made me wish I had thought of it (which, for me, is the ultimate compliment!): SCREAM STREET by Tommy Donbavand.

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